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Cold Fusion

Our ColdFusion Development Wing is well trained in building scalable, cost effective and highly secure web applications using Macromedia Coldfusion MX. Neologix team keeps themselves updated with the latest technologies involved in Coldfusion Development. ColdFusion development work may vary from developing in Coldfusion 4 to Coldfusion MX or developing using latest Fusebox standards which may range from Fusebox3 standard to Fusebox4.1 standard.

Basically ColdFusion is a programming language based on HTML and is used for creation of dynamic web pages. ColdFusion scores over other systems as it integrates browser, server and database technologies into Web applications. ColdFusion Web pages include tags written in CFML (ColdFusion Mark-up Language) that simplify integration with databases and avoid the use of more complex languages for creation of translating programs.

We make sure that our team of Coldfusion Developers is updated with all these technologies and standards. If the requirement suggests that we use a specific standard, we make sure the standards specified in the requirements are looked upon else we go ahead and use the latest versions and standards. Coldfusion development is an art that can only be accomplished by a few.

Our main area of expertise is ColdFusion Programming. Having a full department dedicated to ColdFusion Development and other ColdFusion Services has enabled us to delve deeper into our core strength.

Zazzy Technologies has specialized in developing enterprise-level ColdFusion Applications, especially ColdFusion Websites, ColdFusion E-commerce platforms, and Unique Publishing Solutions. Affordable and reliable, our custom ColdFusion Applications, no matter where they perform and under what conditions, have stood the test of time and endurance.


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